There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t know what an MBA degree course is. The 2 year Masters in Business Administration is a popular course of education chosen by candidates after graduating either from science, commerce or arts background. One can say that MBA is an all inclusive course that doesn’t bifurcate anyone on the basis of their previous subject streams. Keeping up to the number of students who take up the master's degree, there have been numerous best MBA College in Gurgaon (Gurugram) and all over India that made a name for themselves in the past few decades. Now anyone who has been eyeing this course, knows that there are varieties to the specialisations that one can choose from. Designed to advance certain skills which are relevant to your preference, some of the most opted MBA specialisations that are chosen in Top MBA College in Delhi NCR include-

  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Global Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Technology Management

Steps to follow before taking admission in best MBA college in Delhi NCR

Before following the steps needed to take an admission, one must make sure that he/she fits the eligibility criteria to enrol in a best MBA college in Delhi NCR or anywhere in the country. The academic prerequisites needed to be eligible for MB admission include, graduation in any discipline or equivalent from a recognised university, and minimum of 50% average score. Final-year Graduation candidates are also eligible to apply for MBA, provided they present the proof of completion of Graduation degree within the duration specified by the institute. Besides the academic qualifications, personal skills like- supervisory abilities, mathematical mind, leadership qualities, communication and strategic abilities are necessary too.

The process before finally selecting a specialty stream is tough. All the streams are equally good but going with one is a procedure of numerous steps.

The pointers mentioned below should be considered before finalising the corporate nice-
1. Scope MBA specialization
2. Programme Length
3. Return on Investment of the prospective specialisation

The reason why one must select a reputed and affiliated Top MBA College in Gurgaon (Gurugram) or best MBA college in Delhi NCR is because, in comparison with other colleges, the difference in faculty and other facilities is quite huge. Now, there might be some people who say that it doesn’t make a difference as to what college you get in as much as the course, but little do they know that college is as important as the speciality stream one chooses.

Functioning on similar ideologies, the best MBA college in Delhi NCR like WCTM takes up a holistic approach in their teaching structure. This means that they don’t focus on one subject or one part of the degree more than others. The professors at the World College of Technology and Management, Best MBA College in Gurgaon aim to make the candidate a complete businessperson and for the same, provide the necessary support and experience beforehand.

What you can do after MBA

Whether it is starting their own business, or working in MNCs, there is no limit to what an MBA graduate can do. But before actually working, the candidate must have an idea of where and in what field he/she would want to work. This is important because, only after the preference, one will know the stream in which they wish to gain expertise in.

Depending on the niche that one chooses and the practical exposure one gets, there are many job opportunities for the aspirant.

  • If the candidate is or has graduated in General Marketing from a Top MBA College in Gurgaon, one can be sure of bagging a job as business development manager, or risk management manager.
  • Opportunities like marketing manager, market research director are available for a marketing specialist.
  • Human Resource graduates from best MBA college in Delhi NCR and all over India can work as an HR executives in many firms
  • Graduating as an Entrepreneurship postgraduate, candidates can take up jobs in just about any role. From management consultant or senior product manager to CEO if you decide to start your own business.

These are some of the most chosen fields of jobs, however the same depends on the corporate exposure and similar internships that the candidate does in the complete 2 years of the masters course from any reputed MBA College in Delhi NCR.

Fee Structure 2024-25

UG Courses
Course Sem Fee
B.Tech - Specializations - CSE, CS&D,AI&DS, AI&ML, Robotics & AI Rs.47,500 per sem
B.Tech Lateral Entry - Specializations - CSE, CS&D,  AI&DS, AI&ML, Robotics & AI Rs.47,500 per sem
B.Tech - Specializations - Mech & Automation,  ME, Civil Engg. Rs.35,000 per sem
B.Tech Lateral Entry- Specializations - Mech & Automation Engg,   Mech. Engg., Civil Engg. Rs.35,000 per sem
BBA Rs.35,000 per sem
BCA Rs.35,000 per sem
Diploma Courses
Diploma(Automation and Robotics) Rs.17,500 per sem
Diploma (Agriculture Engg.) Rs.17,500 per sem
PG Courses
M.Tech - Specializations - CSE, ME, AI&DS Rs.32,500 per sem
M.Tech (Civil Engg.) Rs.40,000 per sem
MBA Rs.50,000 per sem
MCA Rs.35,000 per sem

Boy’s Hostel

Air Cooled Room (Twin Sharing) Rs.70,000/- per year
Triple Sharing Rs.60,000/- per year

Girls Hostel

AC Room (Twin Sharing) Rs.85,000/- per year


Which is the best mba college in gurgaon for business?

A good MBA college is the one that provides top-notch teaching services but is also proficient in facilities like: placements, internships, labs, and extra curricular activities etc. on the basis of these qualities, WCTM are best mba college in gurgaon for business.

Is it a good choice to do mba from gurgaon?

It is advised for everyone to complete the full 5 years of business administration course. It is a personal choice to do a job first or do the masters degree in one go. But the study of business administration must not be left in the middle of the course.

Which MBA college in delhi ncr offers the most placements?

It is not about the number of internships but the quality of internships provided by the placement committee, or by extension the institution. WCTM, mba college in delhi ncr has some of the most renowned and household names as their recruiters in the often held placement events.

Do we study from case studies in the best MBA colleges in delhi?

The teaching faculty at WCTM, best MBA colleges in Delhi, curates the syllabus in a way that students learn from real life cases. For the same, the professors keep the most influential and business related case studies for maximum learning.