WCTM Recognized as the Best Mechanical Engineering College in Gurgaon

Mechanical Engineering is a core engineering discipline that plays a crucial role in creation of the materialistic world. By choosing the mechanical department, one will join a dynamic community where one will be able to pursue his/her goals. The department provides a professional training to the students, beginning from the initial step and taking it to the last step of manufacturing. A degree program in this department will instil a competence and will give a varied knowledge in mechanical engineering curriculum. Along with that, it will build a path to learn about mechanical designs, structures and materials. For this department, WCTM is recognized as the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon.

The Mechanical Engineering department is one of the biggest and most known departments of the college. The mechanical engineering department in WCTM, the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon prepares the students that are globally best. This department deals with the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the production and operation of machines and its parts.

The department of mechanical engineering offers 4-year of under-graduate and 2-year of postgraduate program in this field. This department was introduced back in the year 2010 with total inoculation of 60 students which has now grown to 5 times. This department is one of the leading departments in the engineering sector and has played a role of model in the engineering institutes.

Well equipped Laboratories

The department has 18 laboratories for the practical workshops of the students. The laboratories are equipped perfectly with all the latest instruments and technologies like electro hydraulic trainer, Electro Pneumatic trainer, Programmable Logic Controllers, Variable frequency drive, Human Machine Interface and Sensorics. The faculties ensure that the students get sufficient practical exposure to step out in the industry.

For the first year mechanical engineering students, we have an engineering graphics and drawing lab to provide students with an extensive and intensive training that includes geometric and solid modelling, isometric, orthographic projections and sectional views.

The students graduated in the mechanical department have a deep knowledge of the curriculum and various other emerging fields. Throughout the four years program at WCTM, best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon students are given the practical exposure of how to apply one’s design skills to real world problems. Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of industries that works in conceptualizing, designing and creating machines and their parts. Over the years this department has seen various changes in technologies.

Being the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon, the department hires the best faculties for the overall development of the students. To accommodate the emerging trends in the scientific and technological sectors, students are trained with practical knowledge hand to hand. The department is working diligently in imbibing positive attitudes in students who are the future of the next generation

Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Mechanical engineering

The department of mechanical engineering runs both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in this field. There are a wide range of options available for the students who graduate in this field. The main focus of our department curriculum is to impart practical knowledge of how to promote their problem solving skills and how to bring innovation in their ideas. WCTM tag of being the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon is reflected in the way we organize our events in the department. The students are evaluated in their academics on the regular basis. As a renowned institute, we ensure that the students showcase their academic talents along with keeping up the core moral values.

Students graduating from World College of Technology and Management (WCTM) are acknowledged as graduates from the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon. WCTM monitors students on a regular basis by participating in their academics, research, sports and cultural pursuits.

For its highly practical and industry ready education, WCTM is entitled as the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon. The department keeps up the high standards of the college. The students in this department are entrusted under the best faculties who have years of experience in their respective fields. Students who enter the mechanical department of WCTM graduate as the leading industrialist and professionals.

Fee Structure 2023-24

Course Fee
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Engg, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engg, Computer Science & Design Engg, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engg. Rs.47,500 per sem
B.Tech Rs.35,000 per sem
(B.Tech) Lateral Entry Rs.35,000 per sem
M.Tech Rs.32,500 per sem
M.Tech (Civil) Rs.40,000 per sem
Diploma Rs.35,000 per annum
B.Voc Rs.20,000 per sem
MBA Rs.40,000 per sem
MCA Rs.30,500 per sem
BBA Rs.30,500 per sem
BCA Rs.30,500 per sem

Boy’s Hostel

Twin Sharing Rs.60,000/- per year

Girls Hostel

Twin Sharing Rs.61,000/- per year
Triple Sharing Rs.50,000/- per year


Which is the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon that has the most advanced infrastructure?

Taking an admission in an engineering college means spending your hard earned money. Every student dreams of a good college with good faculties, decent package and advanced infrastructure. WCTM gets 10 out of 10 for its infrastructure. It is equipped with high-tech labs, e-classrooms, auditorium, conference rooms, sports ground, etc. With all these facilities, WCTM is one of the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon.

Is it a good choice to do mechanical engineering nowadays?

Lots of students are pursuing btech in mechanical engineering these days. Mechanical branch is one of the most Prioritised branches of any college. IF you’re looking to pursue mechanical engineering in Gurgaon, do it from the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon, WCTM which provides hand to hand practical experience alongside the academics.

which is the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon with excellent labs?

Before taking admission in any engineering college, check the classrooms and labs very well if they have all the required facilities or not. Students seeking admission in private mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon can consider WCTM which amongst the private colleges is the best mechanical engineering college in Gurgaon.