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Best BCA College in Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Bachelor’s of Computer Application or BCA is one of that kinds of courses which encounters the maximum number of student’s attention. When a student completes the schooling, he/she gets ample course options that can help them rise in their career. Often most students opt for BCA as it gives them exposure to the business and corporate world with their knowledge of computers. Graduating from the best BCA college in Gurgaon (Gurugram), the students get proper knowledge of practical as well as theoretical prospects of computer application.

In the era of digital India, where most of the work is executed through computers, a course like BCA from a top private BCA institute in Delhi NCR will help you find a better career in the field of computer applications. Bachelor’s of computer application is a 3 year based program under which you get proper knowledge and guidance of software development, how to excel in the software industry, and most importantly how to use the knowledge in critical situations.

Why do students turn toward BCA after their schooling?

  • Currently, the course is much in demand as it has a varied range of career exposure.
  • Students can make good career options with BCA courses if they have done their graduation from esteemed BCA college in Delhi.
  • The top colleges provide the best experience to their students and let them have proper practical knowledge of the course through internships and many more campaigns.
  • The best part of the course is that it opens the door for the students to excel in software development, web development and design as well.
  • The course BCA is an integrated course of functioning and working of computer application and in current times when digitalization is in demand, this course can prove to be very valuable to the students.
  • Graduating from a well-known best BCA college in Delhi NCR will also provide you with the best job placements.
  • The course is designed to bridge the gap between modern industries and institutes by incorporating the latest developments into the curriculum.

What to look for when searching for the best BCA college in Delhi?

You must invest a good amount of time when you are in search of a top private BCA college in Gurgaon (Gurugram). You need to look for infrastructure, facilities, study program and placement policy of the college.

You will spend your 3 years in the course, so it is obvious that all the minute details should be taken care of with the help of the top private BCA institute in Delhi NCR.

However, while looking for the infrastructure and placement, you must not forget to check the course structure and stream choice. It is advised to research properly about top private BCA institutes in Delhi NCR. The course you choose in your undergraduate paves the path towards successful career building. Therefore, investing a proper amount of time in searching for a college is not an option but a definite and responsible thing to do.

Further, look for the best BCA college in Delhi NCR which has a good amount of exposure in the real world and provides both practical and theoretical outlooks to their students.

Why should you choose WCTM?

  • The department of Computer Science at the World College of Technology and Management envisions imparting practical learning in software development and to train the students to develop soft skills with global standards. Further, enhance their knowledge in the field of Computer Science.
  • We provide the best of the infrastructure, faculty that teaches the basics of computer applications and software developments. We have also successfully placed our students in the top-most companies of the world.
  • World College of Technology and Management checks all the boxes for being the best BCA college in Gurgaon.

We ensure that when our students walk out with good jobs in top companies, they excel in their chosen field and successfully rise in their careers.

The department owns air-conditioned computer labs connected with servers, online UPS and printers. It also has state of the art computer systems configured with Intel core 2 duo, i5 and i7 processors with Windows-7 and Linux operating systems. Apart from the different language processors, multimedia packages, MSDN packages and graphic packages. Visual tools and DTP packages are also available. The department has a 100 Mbps leased line internet facility and all the nodes are deployed for students to browse the internet.

Fee Structure 2024-25

UG Courses
Course Sem Fee
B.Tech - Specializations - CSE, CS&D,AI&DS, AI&ML, Robotics & AI Rs.47,500 per sem
B.Tech Lateral Entry - Specializations - CSE, CS&D,  AI&DS, AI&ML, Robotics & AI Rs.47,500 per sem
B.Tech - Specializations - Mech & Automation,  ME, Civil Engg. Rs.35,000 per sem
B.Tech Lateral Entry- Specializations - Mech & Automation Engg,   Mech. Engg., Civil Engg. Rs.35,000 per sem
BBA Rs.35,000 per sem
BCA Rs.35,000 per sem
Diploma Courses
Diploma(Automation and Robotics) Rs.17,500 per sem
Diploma (Agriculture Engg.) Rs.17,500 per sem
PG Courses
M.Tech - Specializations - CSE, ME, AI&DS Rs.32,500 per sem
M.Tech (Civil Engg.) Rs.40,000 per sem
MBA Rs.50,000 per sem
MCA Rs.35,000 per sem

Boy’s Hostel

Air Cooled Room (Twin Sharing) Rs.70,000/- per year
Triple Sharing Rs.60,000/- per year

Girls Hostel

AC Room (Twin Sharing) Rs.85,000/- per year


What Are The Best BCA College In Gurgaon That Teach All Computer Languages?

WCTM's BCA and MCA faculties teach all computer languages from beginner to advanced level. With top-graded computer labs, we are the best BCA college in Gurgaon.

Which Is The Best BCA college in Delhi NCR?

Delhi NCR has some of the best colleges in India. If someone wants to enrol in a BCA course known for its excellence and performance, WCTM is the best BCA college in Gurgaon.

What Are The Best BCA College In Delhi NCR That Are Government-Owned?

There are many government-owned best BCA colleges in Delhi NCR. Some of them are The University Of Delhi, IP University etc.

Which Is The Top Private BCA Institute In Delhi NCR Within 15kms Radius From Indirapuram?

World College Of Technology And Management is in Gurgaon. It is a little over the 15km radius. We are the top private BCA Institute in Delhi NCR and offer the best quality expertise and teaching services when it comes to Computer Application studies.