Alumni Speak

Alumni speak

Uma Seth (BBA 2015-18 batch)
College is one of the memorable parts of a student's life whether it was about friends, professors or growth of life. We have to make so many decisions as it will make an impact on the career and future of one's life. I have been introvert and no knowledge about the business studies before entering the college as I was from a small town it was a whole new experience for me. My growth started from my college life and it would not be possible without such enthusiastic and professors who are masters of their field. I think I was the student with so many questions in every lecture but my professors were so supportive that they were ready to solve my queries even if I ask them 10th time. I have so many memories with every professor and those days I count as best days of my life. My professors Dr Himani Avasthi, Deepika Kalra, Anu Sharma, Kamal Batra, Neha Chauhan And Dr Chanda they were the life to our management department and I feel blessed for the learnings from them. I may not remember the content written in books but beyond them, they taught about how to fight in life and grow on different stages. Himani mam, HOD of our department, master of her subjects, a person full of values and audacity but I still remember her poem on teacher's day "Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaya" she never failed to be part of us and cheering us. Deepika Mam, Her charming smile, we always feel scared from her if we have not completed the task given by her but still, she forgave us so many times, I still remember one lecture when she motivated us to do something beyond these books in life, Learn something new which can help your career, start some courses and that day changed my whole thinking. I just started a new course after one month of that day and I am blessed that I was present in that lecture which drove my whole career. Anu mam, I never saw her in anger in those 3 years, even if we haven't completed the task her reply was always "Very good". She was the sweetest professor of our branch. She teaches us so smoothly and elegantly that we could fall in love with accounts. Kamal Sir, The person who never gets bored from teaching, he too got frustrated so many times and left our class but he was in love with us and he can teach us non-stop full day. his energy and motivation, I still know some of my friends used to irritate him to the extent and he was always like, please study I am doing this only for you and your career. He always used to sing one song on every event of the department. His energy never faded away in those 3 years. Chanda Sir was always calm and we know we used to eat secretly our lunch in his lectures.
It would never end if I pen down about my college life and friends. My class was the best in terms of study and drama always. I had so many memories with these people Abhishek, Sooraj, Chirag, Vivek, Akshita, Nikita, Jyoti, Fazal, Pritam, Shagun, Anindita, Dimple and Priyanka. The list will go on and on of names and memories and I still miss those laugher moments in every lecture. I am blessed to be part of WCTM and how it changes my life in every term. Wherever I am today is just because of the guidance of my professors and I will never forget their lessons in my life. Lectures, canteen moments to events in the college I found them all as part of memories which I will cherish always. Thank you WCTM and Management department for those 3 best years of my life.

Santosh Tiwari (B.Tech 2012-16 batch)
Company: Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. (New Delhi)
Package : 8.5 LPA
WCTM is a self explanatory brand which defines the turned stone, ready to conquer the world. At WCTM I have lived the best days of my life. The experience here turned me to a more curious and achieving person. The support of the faculty members not only helped me to score good marks, but also helped me to overcome the flaws for being a good human being. With the grace of God and blessings of WCTM family, I was able to crack Campus Placements and now working with Mnc's .all was possible just because of WCTM.

Will always remain your student.

Thank you WCTM once again for being my best memory.

Jatin Rupeja
It would be difficult to sum up four years of WCTM in just few lines. I must say that the learning and exposure which WCTM gives is just commendable. The faculty is just amazing and they stand by you from the first day to the end of placement days.
Apart from the curriculum, there are a lot of clubs for students. The best part of college is that they give you internships and placements in best reputed organisations. During the most crucial time of placements, the faculty and placement team provides students with lot of preparatory sessions so that they come up with their best. I feel WCTM is the wholesome basket for one who is looking to pursue Bachelors in Technology and I'll definitely cherish these moments forever.

Astha Sharma
Batch (2010 to 2014)

I would always be grateful to wctm for giving me multi dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics , industry exposure , attitude and leadership.
I would also like to thank to the professors for getting me the first campus placement at Wipro as it's always special for a student getting placed for the first time.
The professors are all dedicated experts and helpful in their respective subjects.
I will always cherish the feeling of studying at an institute which focused on career enhancements along with overall skill development.

Aman Aggarwal
I believe that the achievement of an organization is a result of combined efforts of each individual. This is something that I learnt at WCTM. The place that helped me build not only my career but an ambition that was fulfilled by the support of everyone.
WCTM believed in its students and thats what makes this college stand out among others.

Manish Arora
WCTM has played a very crucial role in shaping my career. Faculty imparted great values in me which made me ready for the outside real world. Through out the course, the faculty were very supportive and inspiring. It's vision of shaping lives through quality education makes it stand tall apart from the other institutions. I must say WCTM is one of the finest college in its cadre and I feel proud to be graduated from this college.

Rahul Kumar Singh (IT- 2010 to 2014 batch)
Company: Codec Networks (CP, New Delhi)

The first moment, when I came to WCTM, I was full of energy and enthusiasm. The management, faculty and staff of this institution are top rated. They all want their students to do well. This college provides so many opportunities to the students. I can say, Professor helped me beyond the words. College keeps the students at the highest priority. I really believe that, it is a privilege and I am glad to be a part of WCTM.

Jeevan Gurpratap Singh (CSE-2007 to 2011 batch)
Company: Moody’s analytics
Package: 5.3 L

WCTM educate students in a very creative way and Encourage them to think out of the box. I found that, method of teaching is different. The teachers and staff are really helpful. They Make sure that the student should be comfortable and Progress well in their life . However, the college not only helps me to excel in the academic field, but also teaches me a lot about Different culture and how to appreciate them.

Pooja Monga (CSE- 2010 to 2014 batch)
Flying officer, Indian Air force

I would like to thank WCTM for being so supportive and helping me throughout to develop my personality thereby making me what I am today. The faculty and college management have been very helpful and friendly. I wish this institution goes on doing great stuff and help students achieve their dreams.

Urvashi Vashishtha (IT-2007 to 2011 batch)
Tata Consultancy Services
Package: 5 LPA

My experience in WCTM has been both educational and fun. I have met and made so many new friends. This college lives up to everything it offers. Two of the most important things I can honestly say that, students grasp through the engineering are a head start on college goals and a more concrete idea of careers of the future. The journey of the engineering program has truly been exhilarating and wonderful. I will without a doubt recommend this college to generations to come so that students around Delhi-NCR may share in on the experience of such a college. Thanks to the many services provided by this college. I am the person, I am today.

Mayank Verma (ECE 2011 to 2015 batch)
Company :DKOP LAB
Package :2.5 LPA

As far as, I know WCTM is the college which imparts education as per the need of present competitive environment. WCTM is an institution where the emphasis is given on overall development of the student with much priority to industrial visits, guest lectures, and personality development classes so that graduates can lead the world.

Meenakshi Sharma (ECE 2010 to 2014 batch)
Package :6 LPA

Here’s something magical in this place, which will make you fall in love with it. As far as academics is considered, it finally comes down to YOU! It's your choice whether to take advantage of your independence, enjoy life out of limits and eventually flunk in the exams or work hard and pass with flying colors. Let me tell you, there are a lot of hard-workers here, who really want to learn engineering, score well and shape their careers.

Gaurav Kumar: (ECE 2011 to 2015)
Company :Bharti Airtel
Package : 4 lac

WCTM provides good placements. It is a good college with friendly environment and proper management system. Management trustee is very supportive & helpful. The faculty is excellent with deep knowledge of every subject as well as beyond the subject. So, I will give 5 out of 5 marks to WCTM.

Pawan Khandelwal (CSE 2011 to 2015 Batch)
WCTM is the name which, I can’t forget in my whole life. My entire beautiful college life has been spent in it. When I had taken admission here, I was very immature and had no aim. But after spending time here, I’ve got very good friends and very friendly environment. Teachers are very supportive with friendly nature. All faculties are very nice and infrastructure of the college is also very good.

Utkarsh Minhas (CSE 2011 to 2015 Batch)
WCTM is a college with good environment, excellent crowd and teachers. Transport of college is air-conditioned and library is also air-conditioned. College canteen has all the facilities and serves hygienic food.
Students can also enjoy extra-curricular activities and have liberty to indulge in sports activities.

Ashish (IT 2011 to 2015 batch)
I enjoyed each and every moment in this college. We have the best faculty in this college who treated us like a guide and a friend as well. College Life is the best life I’ve experienced so far. Urvashi Bakshi Mam has been so helpful throughout our course. Best infrastructure, best facility, we’ve got from this college. In the end, we feel we had the best experience.

Ankit Khushwaha (CSE 2011 to 2015 batch)
World college gave me a platform to stand in the industry. We’ve spent wonderful time in this college. The most memorable thing about this college is our HOD Pooja mam who always treated me as her son. All the faculty members are very good and cooperative with me. I will miss our football team and football matches. The infrastructure of the college is fabulous. Canteen is also good. The Computer labs are also excellent.

Sagar (CSE-2011 to 2015 batch)
WCTM is a college with a very good environment. Ground of college is well maintained. Teaching facilities in the college are excellent. It has a huge air conditioned campus which is fully maintained .The college provided us air conditioned transport facility .The library of the college is also well equipped with all Types of books.