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Why Gurgaon

Introduction : Every year, a large number of student comes to World College of Technology and Management Gurgaon seeking admission into various technical as well as management courses, World College of Technology and Management, Gurgaon is one of the premier and oldest institutions in the region. Many of them have come to the national capital for the first time after completing class 12 and prefer to study engineering. One of the main reasons for their preference to pursue higher education in the national capital region is that they believe that better teaching and other facilities are available here besides there being an opportunity of interaction with students from other states.

However, the students coming from other parts of the country complain that the Northeastern students prefer to live within their own communities. There is hardly any communication or interaction between the Northeastern students and non Northeastern students and others. There is a communication gap among the students of Mongoloid background and others from different parts of India. The problem is the language barrier.

Most of them have to stay in hostels and rent accommodation.Communicate with the landlords, especially with the land ladies is a problem. Their knowledge of hindi is not worth mentioning. And their problem is that they cannot understand English even through they are educated. For such lack of intermingling Northeastern students can not be solely blamed. Most of them get exposure to the wider world for the first time after landing in NCR. Their life here is not a bed of roses. But WCTM Gurgaon faculty, Management and staff work very hard and leave no stone unturned to ease their lives, that is the reason for increasing in numbers of students from north east in WCTM. A few testimonials of our students.



B.Tech. Civil ‘A’ 2nd year

Email id: [email protected]

Address: Yangchenphu, Thimphu, Bhutan.

About The College: The college campus is beautiful & peaceful and the lecturers & students of this college are friendly and very helpful.
I have learnt a lot from here.



Civil, 3RD YEAR, 6TH Sem.

Id: 11935 Roll No. 08/CE/11

Address: BGR, T/s -593/B Dhaligaon Chirang, Assam.

WCTM initially started its journey to give platforms to the deserving students of technical and management studies. I belong from a place where the still sky touches the flowing water of Brahmaputra. Yes, I belong from Assam.

Rima Thokshom

Rima Thokshom

Roll no: 08/IT/12

There are many students from many places and interacting with them brings us close to our culture also.
The Teachers are strict and linnet at the right time. What I mean to say is that they carry us is the right way at the right time.Yours faithfully,