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A virtual laboratory is a tool for learning and experimentation that allows people to share knowledge, data, voice, video, tools, and many other resources virtually at different geographical locations. It provides a suitable environment to extend, improve, integrate, refine, and assist the learning and/or experimentation process of many subjects, thus contributing to an increase of the effectiveness of scientific research and widening the use of scarce or costly equipments. World College of Technology and Management is acting as a nodal center for enhancement of practical knowledge of students in field of science and technology.

WCTM is playing the role of being the first-hand evaluator of the VLABS which are recently developed. Virtual labs provides best platform for enrichment of experimental knowledge through information technology which is an initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Department under National Mission on Education through ICT. These experiments and labs will be hosted for open access through the main project.

WCTM puts its best foot forward for implementation of VLABS technology. Two Labs has been dedicated for VLAB with 25 PC each.