Possess Excellent Soft Skills In WCTM, MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

Despite the plethora of applications received for each job, recruiters are having a hard time finding competent employees. To work effectively and advance in their careers, people must have the requisite knowledge, expertise, tools, and skills. Employers seek applicants with the necessary soft skills since it has a direct impact on job performance and efficiency. WCTM, the best engineering college in Delhi, organized fun – packed activities like Human Knot, Minefield, and Silent Experiment for BTech/BCA/MCA students to enhance their Team Building skills, Communication skills, Decision Making skills, and Critical Thinking as they play an important role in the workplace.

Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

Team building skills are one of the most valuable and effective skills a student must learn. WCTM, MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, has trained students through activities such as the human knot, in which participants must untangle the knot while being in a group. In the process of unraveling the knot, they learned about the skills that are required of them as an employee. It aids in the formation of a cohesive team working towards a common goal.

To ensure that everyone in the team is on the same page, strong communication skills are essential. We show them through activities like Minefield, that it is more about how well you communicate your opinions and your ability to listen to others. Employers are interested in how you establish rapport, persuade, and negotiate. It has the potential to help build trust, increase productivity, and become a valuable company asset.

Aside from that, decision-making skills are fundamental at all stages of a professional life. WCTM, the best engineering college in Delhi, organized a few activities such as the Human Knot and the Silent Experiment to help our students stand out from the crowd. It all relates directly to your ability to see, comprehend, and articulate the consequences of your actions. Be it considering which candidate to hire or which product to develop, possessing the ability to make the right move is pivotal for an organization’s success.

Further, It has been found that most people think “uncritically,” i.e., make judgements based on personal beliefs, self-interest, or irrational emotions. Employers look for a workforce who can think critically within the organization. It is the ability to approach a problem from various angles and come up with a solution based on data and evidence. WCTM recognises the importance of acting wisely and critically. The goal of activities such as Minefield and Silent Experiment was to force them to think analytically and rationally. Recruiters now even require candidates to pass a critical thinking test in order to be considered for a position. WCTM assists students in honing their skills, making them the perfect job candidates.

Become A Worthy Member Of The Team

These soft skills are the personality traits that can help you build relationships and solve issues in the work area. Your ability to cultivate and uphold these skills can make or break your prospects of getting the dream job. To put it another way, almost every job role necessitates the acquisition of these skills. While hiring, companies are looking for someone who can put these skills to use. Learn how to ace them at WCTM, MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, and become an ideal candidate for the position!

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