Words of wisdom on personality development at WCTM, the Best BBA college in Gurgaon

What makes personality traits valuable? What distinguishing features do people possess? These were some of the thoughts racing through the student’s mind. In collaboration with Skill Academy by Testbook, WCTM, MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, organized a training program. Shivangi Narula led the seminar on personality development conducted on July 2, 2022. She spoke about the significance of personality development and provided some sound advice for youngsters to instill desirable personality qualities.

Guest Of Honour, Shivangi Narula

Shivangi Narula is a highly qualified professional with accreditation who excels at instructing and training young students. With her exceptional strategy and preparation procedures, she distinguishes herself from the rest and carves out a place for herself. In her job history, she has held positions as a language trainer for the British Council, Macmillan, YES Germany, Times of India companies, Microsoft, and Concentrix.

There is fierce competition everywhere we look. Possessing a commanding presence puts you ahead of the competition for jobs. An individual’s character incorporates their outward appearance, internal traits, attitude, frame of mind, and social behavior. However, if you are highly competent, it is claimed that your probability of selection is lowered if you are unconfident or lack presentational skills.

The event was coordinated by WCTM, the Best BBA college in Gurgaon, as it is imperative to evolve your individuality in order to portray yourself to the world. Any potential employer or interviewer will initially assess your personality while interacting with you. The process of developing your personality abilities is flexible, and as you learn more about it, you get more proficient.

The speaker devoted considerable time to discussing personality development, which is a cycle where you focus on yourself to inculcate talent and acquire new skills. She conveyed to the students that while no one is born with the aptitude to be an expert in different fields, experience and education enable us to make the most of our talents.

Personal growth, according to WCTM, MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, is fundamental to a person’s success in both their personal and professional lives. It cultivates self-control, punctuality, and makes the person a valuable addition to their workplace. We ensure that students are adequately equipped to tackle the world outside.

Evolve Your Personality

The speaker, Shivangi Narula, further shed light on how communication skills are a significant aspect of our personalities. With clear communication, half of the world’s issues can be handled. As you improve your communication abilities and move through the different phases of personality development, you become a more persuasive individual.

You should strive to live a life that is goal- and action-oriented, as this will keep you worry-free. You learn to remain composed and approach things from a pragmatic stance as your personality evolves.

In essence, it makes you distinctive and enables you to assert an appealing identity. It is absolutely vital for enhancing one’s soft abilities. The art of conveying one’s thoughts and emotions in the desired manner should be mastered by people. WCTM, the Best BBA college in Gurgaon, cultivates self-assurance and credibility in its students.

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