Hirings From Micromax In WCTM, Best Engineering College In Haryana

Every year, hundreds of companies come to campus to recruit students who are about to graduate from colleges and universities. It is, in fact, a source of pride for students to be chosen while on campus. This has the potential to make or break your future. One of the most important goals for everyone enrolled is to get a job offer through campus recruitment drives.

WCTM, a top private BTech institute in Delhi NCR, recognises the importance of campus placement for students in today’s world. It assists a student in laying a solid foundation for their future professional career without having to deal with the realities of real-world job competition, peer pressure, or family pressure. It also presents students with a foot-in-the-door opportunity, allowing them to begin working immediately after completing their course curriculum.

Thorough Understanding Of The Process

These selection or recruitment activities are usually held on the campus of the college or institute where you are enrolled. The best companies and corporates with official partnerships are invited to come and interview students at WCTM, the best engineering college in Haryana, to assess their potential as future employees. Pre-placement talks, written tests, group discussions, and interviews are all part of the selection process, which varies from company to company.

Their first job has a significant impact on their future career path. It is therefore critical to prepare properly for campus placements in order to succeed. The majority of students underestimated the importance of preparing for campus placements and thus missed out on the opportunity to be hired by the company. During the campus placement drive, we encourage them to obtain their ideal job offer. We suggest students learn how to prepare for the interview and how to avoid common blunders.

Micromax Signing Students In WCTM

Micromax Informatics was recently invited for recruitment by WCTM, the best engineering college in Haryana. It began as an IT software company in March of 2000. Micromax was the tenth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2014. It is a consumer electronics brand created in India. Micromax has been a leader in the democratization of technology in India for the past decade, offering affordable innovations through their product offerings and removing barriers to considerable adoption of advanced technology.

WCTM is ecstatic to share the news that some of our hardworking and deserving B.Tech students were selected by Micromax as part of our campus recruitment drive. Suraj Chaurasia, a ME (B.Tech) student, Mukund Raj, a B.Tech student, Amit Kumar, a ME (B.Tech) student, and Priya, an ECE (B.Tech) student, made the college and everyone proud.

To ensure that our students make the most of the opportunities available, WCTM Top Private BTech Institute in Delhi NCR equips them with the necessary practical and industry-related knowledge, allowing them to obtain good placement.

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