360° Job Preparation With Skill Academy at WCTM, Best BBA College in Delhi

Testbook is an ed-tech platform that assists students with their potential career opportunities. It was founded in 2014 by six IIT Bombay alumni. Testbook’s Skill Academy Program was created with the goal of providing 360-degree complete job and internship preparation assistance to college students. It has set the stage for an illustrious endeavor to bestow the highest skills to college and university students.

Bridging The Gap

The course intends to reduce the skills gap between universities and industry. It also offers students with special skills, allowing them to compete more effectively in the job market. WCTM, a BTech college in Delhi NCR, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Skill Academy by Testbook to provide comprehensive job and internship preparation for our students. Live Aptitude Tests, Company-Specific Mock Tests, and Live Bootcamps with Industry Experts are all part of this package.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a non-binding pre-contractual agreement that falls somewhere between a handshake and a legal contract. This type of proposal also explains the desired outcome of a particular course of action. It offers a thorough preparation of job and internship activities that help boost the required skills as well as soft skills. Furthermore, premium features like Live Classes, Video Lectures, Practice Sets, and Assignments, as well as quizzes, detailed explanations, and notes, will allow students to improve their skills.

Free Access To Skill Academy

WCTM, the best BBA college in Delhi, recognises that an internship, at any time, is a fantastic way to gain insight into a potential career path. In addition, getting into the job is a time-consuming process. This can be exhausting and overwhelming, but preparation is the key to grab a great opportunity! With the help of Skill academy, students can acquire industry experience and boost their profile. Through free mock preparation sessions, WCTM, a BTech college in Delhi NCR, ensures that students work on improving their soft skills to ace their GD and interview rounds.

The weekly live bootcamps are led by some of the most well-known names in the business sector. It aids students’ understanding of the work and concepts in the present scenario. They will also be getting a Testbook pass for free. This provides them with complete access to aptitude, technical subjects, and company-specific practice tests.

Building your professional network, writing and fine-tuning your resume and cover letter, and honing your interview skills are all part of job and internship preparation. All of these things will help you make a great first impression on prospective employers. As a result, WCTM, the best BBA college in Delhi, has partnered with Skills Academy to provide students with free access to Skill Academy CAMP for Career Guidance, Job Preparation Bootcamps, Online Aptitude Practice, Industry Awareness, and much more.

Get on board with the best in the business and get a head start on your career. With us, you can unfasten your road to victory!

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