When WCTM met celebrity IKKA

WCTM, World College of Technology and Management, is the Best MBA College in Gurgaon. Aside from its excellent curriculum, education, and faculty, it also hosts a number of lively and exuberant festivals. WCTM never fails to provide a lively environment for their students. Hosted by the College, Zenith 2022 is one of the most spectacular times of the year, offering great food, great performances by renowned artists, and fun activities. The campus festival was so large that it felt like a music festival. On April 22nd, 2022, the campus was buzzing with excitement as it was a celebrity night and the most anticipated day of the year.

Students were ecstatic because they had the opportunity to meet the famous rapper and lyricist, IKKA SINGH. Music is the most powerful form of magic, and it was evident all over WCTM, which is an MBA College in Delhi NCR & Gurgaon. IKKA, the singer, rose to prominence in 2014 with his smash hit “Tamanchey.”

Ambiance During Concert At WCTM, An MBA College In Delhi And NCR

The concert started a little later than planned, but the singer’s charisma and energy made up for the wait. Forgetting the delay, the audience at WCTM, World College of Technology and Management, the best MBA college in Gurgaon, was fully immersed in the rapper’s performance. IKKA began the show with some of his most popular songs, which enthralled the audience. A series of other songs followed, during which the students were entertained .

The singer was very interactive, which added to the overall quality of the evening. Graduates were elated and sang along with the rapper. Mike was occasionally pointed at the audience in order to better understand their preferences.

He also sang some well-known compositions by other musicians, as requested by the audience. The performance of famous songs such as “Pani Wala Dance, Jawani Le Doobi, Badri ki Dulhania” took the night a notch higher. IKKA was seen doing his best to establish rapport with students to ensure that they enjoy. He not only sang Punjabi songs, but also spiced up the night with other Hindi songs. The moment he sang “Oh Ho Oh Ho,” famously sung by Sukhbir Singh, the audience lost control and danced like crazy.

Event At WCTM, Best MBA College In Gurgaon

WCTM, which is an MBA College in Delhi NCR, has invited a singer who is popular among today’s youth. It is not only the best college for academics, but also the best college for keeping a close eye on what their students want and like. They put on events that everyone should go to, if they get the chance. A lot of emphasis was placed on the comfort and security of the students. They look forward to such events at this time of year. WCTM puts on such a fun event, making sure there is something for everyone to enjoy and look forward to.

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