First College in Gurgaon to have Apple iOS Centre of Excellence

Mobile app development has become a thriving industry in recent years. They have made a significant contribution to the rise of smartphones and tablets. As a result, many businesses are now interested in creating their own mobile apps. Students are choosing this career path, as it is a growing industry with high demand.

WCTM, Best Engineering College in Haryana , has set up the special Apple IOS centre of excellence for its students. It is the first college in Gurgaon to establish such an industry oriented technical lab. Considering the changing times, not only have smartphone and tablet sales increased, but the number of mobile apps has also increased exponentially. Students who want to pursue this as a career should be well versed in it. For the same, the Apple centre has been established by WCTM in its premises.

WCTM, one of the best Engineering College in Gurgaon, closely monitors the industry’s growing demand and strives to provide the best of everything to its students. The goal of organizing such an event was to raise students’ awareness of mobile applications, particularly Apple iOS, which is high in demand. Apple’s iPhone has evolved from a niche product for early adopters to a dominant economic force in the last ten years. The last ten years have been dubbed the “iPhone decade,” as smartphones became mainstream, spawned billion-dollar corporations, reorganized existing industries, and changed the world.

iOS app development represents a new frontier in mobile app development. After Android, it is the world’s second most popular mobile operating system platform. The Apple iOS Center of Excellence (CoE) has a vision to create native iPhone and iPad applications in the field of mobile app development, bridging the gap between academia and industry. This program is designed for students who want to design, develop, or use mobile device applications, games, or utilities. It will help those who want to stand out in a variety of employment and technical fields within the rapidly expanding field of mobile application development.

This centre at WCTM, Best Engineering College in Haryana, will teach students a variety of skill sets, including:

* Opportunity for students to create innovative projects.

* Research and development facilities.

* Practical experience with Mac OS and cross-platform systems.

* Apple-approved training and certification.

* iOS-based software for a variety of projects

* Incubation centre

As more people embrace the smartphone age, the number of people who shop online grows by the day. Customers’ pockets would benefit from a mobile app. According to a survey, in 2019, 86 percent of time spent online via smartphone is spent using apps.

Gone are the days when mobile apps were only for major corporations. Mobile applications are now an essential part of businesses of all sizes and domains in order to drive engagement and create relevant experiences for customers. A well-designed app not only helps gain traction, but it also increases the overall value of the business. As a result, WCTM, Engineering College in Gurgaon , took the initiative to invite Apple IOS to its campus. The Centre of Excellence has opened new doors for students and faculty members interested in developing mobile applications for the Apple iOS platform.

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