WCTM has Organized the Successful Mega Job Fair 2022 on 15th April 2022

Students at WCTM, the Best Engineering College in Delhi, have focused not only on providing quality education but also on assisting students in obtaining one-on-one interviews with various companies. On April 15th, 2022, WCTM hosted a Mega Job Fair for its students. College career fairs are intended to provide students with the opportunity to learn about different career paths, meet potential employers, and practice professional behavior. When college students graduate, they are usually eager to find work. This is where career fairs come in.

Companies at WCTM Mega Job Fair, Best Engineering College In Gurgaon

At WCTM Mega Job Fair, more than 20 companies participated that included companies like Mahindra Tech, Sequent Technologies, Bajaj Motors, Xcino Technologies, etc. Around 700 students from WCTM, MDU Rohtak Main Campus, BPS Girls College, Khanpur, Delhi University and from other good colleges took job interviews for these national and international companies. At the end students were ecstatic to receive more than 300 offer letters on the spot. Mega Job Fair is a platform bringing National and International Companies from all fields such as Computer Science, mechanical, civil, management and students from these fields together. Mega Job Fair is one of the many initiatives taken by WCTM to provide students with the best job opportunities the industry can offer. It is part of our quest for providing 100% placements to our students. Every student from WCTM who participated received offer letters from multiple companies and made their parents and college proud.

Such fairs benefit everyone involved, including recruiters, students, and the college. What makes college career fairs so beneficial? They are one of the few places where recruiters and students can interact in person leading to a full fledged interview. This is not to say that introductions at career fairs are unimportant – the first meeting in any business relationship is always important – but the atmosphere sets the stage for successful interactions.

Preparing Students for Jobs at WCTM, An Engineering College in Gurgaon

A college job fair is helpful for students not only for their initial forays into the professional world, but also for future job changes. Writing a resume, making small talk with recruiters, and preparing for interviews are all new experiences for most students. Mistakes can be humiliating, but knowing that you can start over at the next recruiting table takes some of the sting away.

At WCTM, best Engineering College in Gurgaon, students prepare to deal with any situation tactfully. We advise them that their goal for this event is to leave with job offers lined up. The difficult part is figuring out how to make a great first impression—often in less than fifteen minutes, but it’s no easy task. We at WCTM, one of the best Engineering Colleges in Gurgaon, counsel them not to show up to the fair without first doing some research.

Pick three to five employers to focus on and do your homework to make the preparation process more manageable. Read up on company news, follow the organizations on social media. You can learn what skills they’re looking for by reading the job description, and then discussing how you’ve developed them. To end the conversation, hand the person your resume and be ready for the job interview.

Pre-registration at WCTM, the Best Engineering College in Delhi, is a simple process that requires only a few small details such as your name, education details, field of interest, resume, or other relevant information.

If you’re a recent or aspiring college graduate, you should think about attending a college career fair, whether virtual or in person. You’ll be able to look into available jobs and careers at a variety of organizations and industries.

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