WCTM Gurgaon organized the biggest cricketing event in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon- WPL

World Premier League, WPL has finally arrived at WCTM, best BCA college in Delhi NCR. For the first time, the league is being organized by WCTM, the best MCA college in Delhi NCR. WPL began in college this summer, on 23rd March, 2022. Students were brimming with energy and enthusiasm, and their competitive spirits were at an all-time high. Cricket is a wildly popular sport in India and around the world. In fact, one can see children playing cricket on the streets of villages and towns. Students have put in a lot of practice and dedication to ensure that their team wins this league. Students from all departments and courses took part by organizing & watching from the league.

Opening Ceremony Of WPL At WCTM, Best BCA College In Delhi NCR.

The league was inaugurated with all of the students and teams present, by Shri O.P. Dhankar ji, BJP State President, Haryana under the 75th Amrit Ka Mahotsav on the Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev. All dignitaries gave homage to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev which was followed by an invigorating speech on how the younger generations should learn from the great Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev who gave away their life at a very early age for the freedom of their country. He also motivated students to take part in sporting activities and encouraged the management to organize more events at such a high level. This was followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. He wished all the teams best of luck and tossed the coin for the opening game. On all days, the WCTM cricket ground was packed to its capacity as everyone was ecstatic to watch the league. Students were seen cheering and supporting their team in order to motivate and energize them.

There were multiple teams, and the WPL lasted for more than 15 days. Every day was exciting as one team was kicked out of the league and another made it to the championship game. Whenever it was time to toss, there was a lot of tension because it decided which team would bat first.

On the final day of the league, everyone arrived early at the WCTM ground. The final match was between the favorites Sehwag School Team vs the Cambridge School Team. The Cambridge team put up a good fight but eventually lost to the superb team of Sehwag School. The winning team Sehwag School won Rs 51,000/- prize money of the league. The runner up team Cambridge School won Rs 21,000/-. Trophies were awarded to the winning team and runner up team along with to the Man of the Series, Best batsman of the series and best bowler of the series.

Purpose Behind Organizing WPL At WCTM, A BCA College In Delhi NCR

WCTM, a BCA college in Delhi NCR, is attempting to spread their zone in every field to ensure that their students have access to the best of the facilities. The idea behind establishing WPL was to encourage students to participate in sports activities such as WPL to provide a well-rounded learning environment. Gone are the days when sports were regarded solely as a form of exercise. Aside from physical strength, it develops discipline, confidence, team spirit, and a variety of interpersonal skills such as patience, communication, leadership, punctuality, trust, and others that help not only win a specific competition but also grow and achieve success in life.

During college, such activities keep students positive, fresh, and energetic, which goes a long way towards making them more productive. It also helps to be emotionally strong because sports allow you to experience various emotions such as success, failure, happiness, disappointment, and so on. This is important because students tend to feel depressed, pressurized and low on energy while studying.

As a responsible institute for Best MCA college in Delhi NCR, it organizes events to ensure that students’ interests are directed in the right direction. There were celebrations all around us at the end of the league. It appeared to be some sort of festival. It was a tremendously enjoyable time, the memories of which will be treasured forever.

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