Mechanical Engineering Colleges In Gurgaon

Mechanical engineering is a four-year BTech program that is one of the most in-demand specializations right now. Students will graduate with a prestigious Bachelors in Technology in Mechanical Engineering qualification, advanced knowledge and skills that will set them apart in a competitive job market, demonstrate their leadership potential, and pave the way for future research or learning or a great work career.

It primarily teaches the fundamental understanding and knowledge of how heavy tools and machinery operate. A mechanical engineering student will learn about the design of automobiles, electric motors, aircraft, and other heavy vehicles.

Mechanical engineering has a wide range of applications in India and abroad, as it touches every aspect of our lives in some way. Students pursuing this program will have a plethora of career options in a variety of industries. Students with a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from WCTM, the best mechanical engineering colleges in Gurgaon, will be able to apply for a variety of job profiles ranging from the government to the private sectors, depending on their interests.

Mechanical Engineering Scope from WCTM, the best management placement college in Gurgaon

WCTM, one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Gurgaon, has developed a new curriculum that will position you at the forefront of mechanical engineering in 2023 and beyond. Hands-on experience in all aspects of engineering will benefit students with more study options for greater career opportunities and direct contact with industry ( your future employers ) threaded throughout the degree. Students at WCTM gain technical skills through a core specialization that will serve as the foundation of their career.

BMW, TATA Motors, Bajaj Motors, Toshiba, Maruti Suzuki, Reliance Industries, Coal India Ltd, DRDO, Ford group, GAIL, GSECL, HPCL, Hyundai, and others are among the top recruiters for Mechanical Engineering at WCTM, one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Gurgaon.

Placement cell at WCTM, best mechanical engineering colleges in Gurgaon.

The Placement Cell is an essential component of the institute. It has provided the entire infrastructure required for the cell to function properly. Throughout the year, training activities are organized to prepare prospective students for the campus selection program. The institute’s unique selling point is that the personality development course is integrated into the curriculum.

Furthermore, the department offers technical training, group discussions, and mock interviews to assist students in preparing for the placement process. Aside from the main project work, mini project work, and industrial training provided in the third year of the curriculum, a variety of internships and expert lectures from industry and academia were arranged to provide practical experience and a better understanding of subjects. As a result, the institute has emerged as a preferred destination for many national and international companies seeking to recruit its fresh talent.

The department of placement cell at WCTM, the best management placement college in Gurgaon, maintains a meticulous database and assists students in obtaining placements in national and multinational corporations through campus recruitment. It plays a critical role in counseling and guiding students toward a successful career. Approximately 70% of students are placed in reputed industries practicing core and allied engineering through campus recruitment, while the remaining 30% prefer higher education in India and abroad. The Institute’s consistent placement record demonstrates its dedication to its success.

We are proud to say that we have prepared our students to work in the industry.

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