What Kind Of College To Look For When You Complete Your Schooling

After we complete our schooling, more than the result there’s a whole lot of ruckus around choosing the right college, right course and the right stream. These questions and absolute innumerable queries can make your cognitions go ballistic. There’s a general urge to mostly look for Best engineering college in Delhi NCRand best MBA college in Delhi NCR . Both (BBA and BTech) are strong fields that will eventually help you acquire a wonderful job. You can choose either. Also keep in mind that many employers on campus prefer BTech+MBA combinations, and BTech will also take one additional year to complete (4 years compared to 3 years in BBA). So it’s your call.

Keep in mind your ultimate aim, which is the MBA. So, choose a stream of interest in BTech or choose BBA or BCA enrol in a college that provides strong teaching, a case-based approach, grooming and placements, and does not charge exorbitant costs. One such college in Delhi is WCTM ( World College Technology and Management) which is renowned for being both the Best engineering college in Delhi NCRand the best MBA college in Delhi NCR .

WCTM not only offers a diverse range of courses, but it also has the cheapest price structure, with an average of fewer than 3 lakhs, making it accessible to all students who want to be engineers. WCTM also offers scholarships of up to 50% based on the students’ past academic performance.

  • We prioritise the development of our students’ talents in areas such as leadership, tactical skills, management skills, and communication skills. During the course of the programme, as a reputable MBA college we provide considerable industry exposure.
  • We will prepare you for the corporate world by teaching you analytical thinking, logical reasoning, decision-making, and strategic management skills with the top teachers on board.
  • We have designed a curriculum that covers each aspect of a great BBA education within the department of business administration.

At WCTM, we think that its students represent the future of the country and will, in time, become the nation’s face. That is why we are more than simply a college; we are an institution with a plethora of options and a commitment to greatness. This should help you in making the right decision as to what course to take but, whichever course you land on, the college to land on is WCTM, your gateway for success.

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