WCTM Organizes International Educational Trips for the Practical Exposure

World College for Technology and Management (WCTM) takes pride in being recognized as one of the best engineering college in Haryana. In every possible way, we try to bring the best opportunities for the engineering students. We feel privileged to have extraordinary students in our college who are focussed and want to achieve something bigger in life. We have students from diversified backgrounds such as commerce, science and arts.

WCTM was invented back in 2007. Since then it has been imparting quality education in the field of engineering and Technology. WCTM kept on growing and developing and now is known as the best engineering college in Haryana and Delhi NCR Region. Each student at WCTM is given special attention by its respective faculty. The grooming of student begins in the very first year via personality development, enhancing skills like communication skills, aptitude, general knowledge, speaking skills, presentation skills, management skills, leadership skills, etc. We also feel privileged for being associated with top companies and industries which in return help our students to get industrial exposure during their course.

Industrial Exposure Given During the Course

Students are taken for field and industrial trips on the weekly or monthly basis which help the students in broadening their perspective towards the global industries. Being the best MCA college in Gurgaon, WCTM does not focus only on the bookish language. Knowledge doesn’t end with classrooms and books. To bring the practical and international market exposure, students are made to interact with industry experts, alumni of top institutes including WCTM, researchers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, civil servants, business men, etc. As soon as the students enter their second year, they are introduced to technical topics such as artificial intelligence data science, block chain technology, cloud computing, automation robotics and many more sophisticated topics like these.

WCTM prepares its students for their dream job. At the time of placement, students showcase their skills that they have learnt over their time in college. The exposure and the learning that WCTM brings is given by only thebest MCA college in Gurgaonand Delhi NCR. If you are looking forward to preparing yourself for the highly competitive industry, take admission in WCTM, the best engineering college in Haryana and Delhi NCR.

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