Master The Right Approach Of Interview With WCTM, Best Engineering College In Haryana

Screening candidates solely on the basis of their CV is no longer an effective way to guide the selection process. There is more to a candidate than his or her education, experience, and hard skills, which are becoming less relevant by the day. As a result, finding the best candidate for a specific job position necessitates companies to innovate in how they assess and select candidates to hire the best person. Strong interpersonal skills are in high demand for a wide range of positions. WCTM, A Btech college in Delhi NCR, prepares students well in advance to become the right candidate and crack the interview in future.

Rashmi Saha, A TEDx Speaker At WCTM (Mark as H2)

It can be difficult to get a job, but the personality traits you possess may make you the best fit for the company. Employers know your qualifications , but they also want to see will you fit in the company culture. The only way to determine this is to gain an understanding of your personality.

To impress your recruiter, you’ll need more than just a good education. You’ll need to possess a great personality and some extra skills. In WCTM Entrepreneurship Dialogue, WCTM, the best engineering college in Haryana, hosted a special session with TEDx Speaker, Rashmi Saha, to help our students improve their personality, communication, interview, and personal branding skills so that they can ace their interview process. It was held on the 25th of May 2022, at 10:30 a.m.

Ms.Rashmi Saha is a professional Life Coach. A multi-talented visionary, she also works as an NLP Practitioner and a TEDx Speaker. She began her journey of expertise and knowledge in 2015, when she became involved in Life Skills coaching. She has trained thousands of people in the educational, corporate, social sectors and others so far. She has imparted knowledge on behavioral skills to many people across the country in person and through other mediums.

Personality and skills are two very important aspects of the job without which it would be incomplete. In addition to personality and cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills are an essential component of on-the-job performance. After all, it’s these abilities that allow you to excel and thrive in the workplace.

Personality As A Predictor Of Future Job Success

These character traits and skills are important not only for assessing how people will interact and behave with one another, but also for predicting how they will fit into the tasks and responsibilities of a position. Workplace personality has never been more important. WCTM, a Btech college in Delhi NCR, hosted an event for students to learn from professionals in order to polish their skills.

Employers prefer candidates with strong interpersonal skills because they contribute positively to the workplace culture. WCTM equips students with these valuable personal skills so that they can effectively communicate their ideas. It enables them to project a positive attitude at work, which is essential for a healthy corporate culture.

WCTM, the best engineering college in Haryana, focuses on accelerating the leadership and learning journey for all students, ensuring that we continue to produce best-in-class leaders who are prepared for their future. It has a positive impact on the development of a learning and well-being culture.

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