Is Engineering a Viable Career in Delhi-NCR?

Amongst the 5 cities, you’ll find the best engineering colleges in Delhi. Delhi being a The metropolitan city is the hub of advancement in infrastructure and technology, which is why we’d like to introduce you to WCTM: World College of Technology and Management.Times Engineering Survey 2021 ranks WCTM No. 1 in Gurgaon and No. 87 in India overall.

WCTM is not just the best engineering college in Delhi but also the Top Private Btech Institute in Delhi NCR. In WCTM’s view, education should be student-oriented so that all students will succeed. We also believe academic excellence can only be attained when the education is student-oriented and verses them with quality, advanced education from the faculty members of different departments.Except for a few graduates, most students never acquire any personal knowledge of an industry or an office from the moment they begin their new phase of academic life, after twelve years of studying in school until they are put
in a firm. They get a theoretical understanding of how a business operates, including its operations and financials. This is the concept behind arranging industry tours for students at their schools and universities. Students visit the industry to learn about its operations, to gain knowledge of an industry or an office, to discover how the staff works and to preserve
office etiquette, and, most significantly, to develop work ethics. These are some of the most crucial factors for students to have a general understanding of a sector or even a corporate office. We attempt to arrange as many industry visits as possible at the World College of Technology and Management. In addition, we have tie-ups with Microsoft, Panasonic, NIIT
Technologies (now Coforge), Internshala, Bajaj Motors and more than 2500 other companies.

So yes, We make engineering careers viable in Delhi. Our college offers the best engineering college in Delhi & the Top Private Btech Institute in Delhi NCR, so your search ends here.Contact us to learn more about our college and new and emerging courses. We take care of your present and your future. Enrol with us today and we’ll help you get the best placement for your tomorrow.

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