Industrial Visit Organised by WCTM at Amber Enterprises Pvt. Limited, Jhajjar

WCTM, World College of Technology and Management, the Best BTech College in Gurgaon, and the Best Engineering college in Delhi NCR, on November 24, 2021, took the students from the second year of B.Tech to Amber Enterprises’ production site in Jhajjar. Amber Enterprises Ltd is a well-known solution supplier in India for the air conditioner OEM/ODM industry. It has a strong presence in the RACs full unit and works with significant RAC and non-AC components. It has ten production sites spread over seven locations in India, with its headquarters in Rajpura, Punjab. Kartar Singh founded Amber Enterprises in Rajpura, Punjab in 1994, and the facility in Jhajjar visited by WCTM was created in 2012 to increase geographical reach and add a new client base.

Amber industries is committed to giving the greatest Quality and Value to suit the demands of her consumers. Amber Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd. is capable of conceptualizing, designing, validating, and effectively converting designs into deliverable products in the RAC market. The company has a strong position in RAC full units (Window, Split Fixed speed, and Split inverter) as well as critical dependable RAC components. Amber Enterprises Ltd is a company that manufactures heating and ventilation systems. Refrigerators, heat exchangers, air conditioners, vacuum forming, and lighting are all available from the firm. It also manufactures vehicle parts, injection moulding components, and sheet metal components.

Amber Enterprises Pvt. Limited, Jhajjar, industrial tour was carefully planned and executed. After following the procedure of send-off by Director Brig. R. K. To the respective students and staff for Industrial Visit, the bus departed from the institution at 9:30 a.m. and arrived at the firm at 11:00 a.m. Tilak and Rose greeted students and staff members at the front entrance. Jhajjar, the Chairman of Amber Enterprise, was also present to greet and motivate each kid. Then students were escorted to the conference room, where an officer briefed them on WCTM and Amber joining forces for a brighter future and new ideas for industries, and Mr Subhash from WCTM motivated students on how to obtain expertise from them. They took the students through each stage of the production process and answered all of the questions succinctly.

They were concerned about the safety of both workers and students. After finishing their visit at the unit, students returned to the conference room and thanked everyone for their assistance in gaining knowledge from their unit. They also discussed the process and automation, as the main reason for visiting Amber was to learn how students can convert or do the same work through automation. Finally, students took the snapshot as a memento. It was a pleasure to pay Amber a visit. WCTM , the Best BTech College in Gurgaon, and theBest engineering college in Delhi NCR, certainly embraces such visits and will surely be conducting more adventurous as well as knowledgeable visits to renowned and resourceful industries.

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