Cultural and Educational Development at WCTM

World College of Technology and Management is the best MBA college in Delhi NCR. At WCTM we not only focus on the educational part for our students but also on giving our students a wholesome experience of a student’s college life. WCTM is a hub of erudition, we make our students more proficient and sound in all aspects of life and make them ready for all the challenges that are waiting for them after college life is over. The biggest attraction of this cognizance is that it does not rely entirely on the edification but also on the overall maturing of the student.

ZENITH: Our Annual Cultural Fest

Being the best Btech college in DelhiNCR, organising the best annual cultural fest for the students becomes our onus. Every year with the help of our students, we organise cultural annual fest ZENITH. ZENITH is a well-known cultural fest in Delhi NCR. Students participate in activities such as dancing, singing, fashion, sports, debates, painting and other competitions. Our students from the Cultural committee of the fest lead the troops to organise the fests, and divide work amongst other students to make the fest go persuasively. This also helps in making our students grow bonds between them and other students as well as between students and the faculty head of the societies. Making them more or less a crackerjack in life to go through the stumbling blocks that are waiting for them after college. We at the World College of Technology and management the best MBA college in Delhi NCR have not only organised competitions but also invited ‘beau monde’ from Bollywood, singers and actors such as Mohit Chauhan, Fazilpuria, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Benny Dayal, Gippy Grewal, Hardy Sandhu, Deep Money and many more.

Sports and Development of Students at WCTM.

At WCTM, the best Btech college in DelhiNCR, we have provided our students with various facilities and infrastructure for the development of students comprehensively. We provide our students with high-class sterling facilities and infrastructure. For example, we have a well-maintained cricket and football ground. Volleyball court with an accurate marking for the players and a standard size basketball court where we have organised various intercollege and interstate championships. And provide our players with an ample amount of opportunity such as the College’s Sports Fest to showcase their talents at various levels with the help of our highly professional sports coaches.

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