Cinema Therapy For Hostlers By WCTM, Best Engineering College In Delhi

Students are stressed and overburdened as a result of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. They are heavily burdened with assignments and other responsibilities, leaving little time for themselves. To perform efficiently and avoid falling behind, they have to put in a lot of effort. However, in such circumstances, burnout is normal and can lead to failure, especially if rest is not taken into account. While students should work hard in class, they should also take breaks to relax and refresh their minds. Watching a movie is a tried-and-true method for accomplishing this. Over time, it has been proven that watching movies can be used as a type of stress relief therapy.

A Source Of Relaxation

Spending time with friends and enjoying a movie is well worth the time! WCTM, Best BBA college in Delhi NCR, ensures that their students are not overburdened by their coursework and assessments. But the situation is more of a concern for the hostlers. They’re doing their best to stay on top of things while being away from their families and out of their comfort zones. The college had to make sure that they took time away from their demanding study schedule to unwind and enjoy themselves. Over the weekend, the College organized a movie excursion for this purpose.

Hostlers from all the departments went to the PVR theater in Gurgaon to watch the film “Dr. Strange.” Stress is generated by a constant buildup of tension within a person. To avoid such a situation with our students, WCTM, Best engineering college in Delhi, organized a movie outing to release their tension. Many of us look forward to going to the movies because it allows us to unwind, unplug, and have a wonderful time. It has undoubtedly aided in relaxation, anxiety reduction, and even providing them with energy for everyday life!

Making Memories

Such an outing helped them to bond as well as to lighten the mood. They get to sit back and relax while watching a fantastic movie. WCTM, Best BBA college in Delhi NCR, understands that students are weary and underproductive after a long day at college. Multitasking consumes a lot of energy and has a negative impact on their mental health. They take on a multitude of obligations, including classes, and the stress levels rise to new heights.

Films are a fantastic source of enjoyment. They have been and continue to be enjoyed by students of all ages. It assisted them in taking a mental break from their current state of mind and allowing their minds to rest from thoughts laced with worry and stress.

Not only was it an enjoyable and memorable experience, but students got the opportunity to expand their knowledge, which is essential for higher-level learning and problem-solving abilities. WCTM, Best engineering college in Delhi, made sure that the students were comfortable and content with their outing. It was fun, interesting, and they spent some much needed quality time with their mates, according to our hostlers.

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