A Blood Donation Camp by WCTM, the Best MBA College in Gurgaon

One of our body’s most vital fluids, which is blood, contributes significantly to the effective running of our system. Blood donation is the procedure of giving blood to others in order to assist them with their health complications. It is a crucial component of global healthcare. Blood transfusions are permitted as a procedure that can both save and preserve life.

The world today even marks June 14 as “Blood Donor Day” in an effort to increase awareness of this life-saving practice. In the same vein, WCTM, the Best engineering college in Delhi NCR, organized a blood drive. It encourages people to donate blood in order to save the world.

Blood Camp in Jhajjar

A successful blood campaign was organized at Jhajjar by WCTM, the Best MBA College in Gurgaon. It was specifically arranged for the birthday of our Prime Minister and ran from September 17 until October 2.

We made certain that donors are also eligible to participate. A person must be between the age of 17 and 66 in order to volunteer for it. They must be in good health and weigh at least 50 kgs. Blood donations cannot be made by people with certain illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, and others. This blood drive drew almost 102 participants, which is quite remarkable.

In addition to that, donating blood also informs us about our health. We get a full body diagnosis as donating blood necessitates a pre-donation health check-up. It also alerts us about the amount of iron, hemoglobin, cholesterol, and other substances in our body.

Perks of Donating Blood

Blood donation has numerous positive physical effects, but its psychological effects are far more significant. It fills you with a tremendous sense of pride to know that the blood you are donating will be utilized somewhere to save someone’s life.

Donating blood benefits more than just the recipient; it also serves as a good deed for the society as a whole. A single blood donation benefits at least three people who are in need. Therefore, consider the impact one donation can have on the lives of so many individuals. Furthermore, it improves the donor’s health as well. WCTM, the Best engineering college in Delhi NCR, spread the word and underlined its significance.

The function of blood banks is also made simpler by blood donation. It stabilizes their collection, allowing for the urgent blood transfusion of others. We need to contribute more in blood donation as the demand for blood in the blood banks is still greater than the supply in order to help people.

Even doctors advise giving blood every three months since it assists in the body’s excretion of waste blood. Moreover, it helps in the production of fresh blood, which keeps you healthy and strong.

The blood donors’ contribution to improving the world is highly appreciated by WCTM, the Best MBA College in Gurgaon. So, as you can see, donating blood is a crucial step in preserving lives. It is a wonderful initiative that needs to be supported worldwide.

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