The Department offers training in front end and back end technologies in the field of Information Technology through an elaborate set of laboratories which are fully air-conditioned connected with servers, UPS and printers. All the computer systems configured with Intel Processors with genuine Windows –XP Professional and Linux Operating Systems. Following are the IT labs:-
Data Structure
In Data Structure Lab, students implement various data structure type like Array, List, Stack, Queue, Graph and Tree using the ‘C’ Language. Turbo C/C++ compiler is used for their implementation. Students also evaluate the complexity of the program.
PC Lab
This lab is very important for the students as it provides the full knowledge about the Personal Computer. Students studies the each hardware part of the computer, how to assemble a Personal Computer, installing an Operating System and Troubleshooting a hardware.
Multimedia Technologies Lab
In Multimedia Technologies Lab, students perform various programs related to images, sound and video. Students perform animation techniques like morphing, reflection and create multimedia files using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Professional.
In this lab, students study how to design a database using Oracle 10g. They perform all the Database Operation including creation of tables, joining of two tables, deletion of table and other various queries.
C++ Programming Lab
This is the very important lab as it provides the concept of OOPS. Students perform various programs of OOPS concept in Turbo C++ compiler and Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.
Internet Lab
In this lab, students learn how to make a web page containing the information. It provides a platform for the students who want to make their career in field of Web Design. Students perform programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
This lab makes use of MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS(MFC). VC++ is used in RAD lab as a part of creating windows forms using various controls such as list box, check box, radio buttons etc.
Operating System Lab
In this lab, students perform and learn DOS commands and Unix Commands. They also do shell programming in Unix C-shell script. They also perform memory allocation and de-allocation algorithms, system calls and interrupt handling.
Computer Graphics Lab
In this lab, students perform various graphics application using C language and its compiler and create various graphics.
Network Programming Lab
Network Programming Lab consists of various protocols and making students understand the concepts of making socket connection, client server connection.
Intelligent System Lab
The main usage of Intelligent System Lab is in Robotics. It uses PROLOG language for the implementation of robotic engineering. Various other concepts are Neural Networks, Genetic algorithm. Software used is GNU PROLOG or TURBO PROLOG.
Web Development and Core Java Lab
In this lab, students learn to create various dynamic web pages, web sites using advanced technologies like JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, Servelet and CGI. They also implement OOPS concept in Java Language using J2SDK software.
System and Network Administration Lab
LAN connection is established by using the wires as well as commands. Various commands such as PING,TRACERT are used as well.
Visual Basic Lab
Visual Basic Lab includes making the forms, making and performing clock synchronization.
Project Lab
Students submit a synopsis of Project that will be continued in VIII semester. For this, 3-4 students make a group and a faculty is assigned to give instructions and guidelines to students. In the end of semester, students submit their progress report with presentation in front of Project In-charge, Project Guide and Coordinator.
Advanced Java Lab
In this lab, students learn and perform various application based on Networking, Database Connectivity, Remote Methods Invocation, Swing etc. using Java Compiler with MS-Access and MS-SQL Server.
Project Lab
Based on the synopsis submitted by students in VII semester, students continue to develop their project. Project In-charge and respective guide evaluate the project. Students submit their Project Report in the end and submit the project in running with presentation to Project In-charge and Coordinator.
Independent Study Seminar Every student will select a topic from emerging areas of Information & Technology and study it thoroughly and independently. Later he will give a seminar talk on the topic to seminar In-charge.