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Beyond the Curriculum

The campus community is a rich mixture of life styles and personalities,

To assist students outside the class and to solve their doubts and problems, we have developed a unique concept of "Problem Solving". In this methodology, faculty members are available after the college hours to solve the problems of students.

WCTM generates 'Progress Report Card' for each student showing the marks obtained by each student per subject including practical during the academic year/semester mid-term examinations. These progress report cards are also sent to Student’s parents so that they can also know the performance of their child.

In today's challenging world, only bookish knowledge is not sufficient for a student to achieve success In life. To overcome this, we conduct Seminars, Individual & Group Counselling to develop effective Communication Skill, Competence and Confidence in our students so that they can face the world.

Each faculty member is entrusted with a batch of 20 students. faculty acts as a friend, philosopher and a guide for his/her student so that they come up with their queries. The personal interaction based on old Guru and Shishya tradition generates a healthy academic environment. He/She also maintains the communication with the guardians to make them aware about the overall performance of the student.

The cell provides all the career counselling and development services to the students, so that they develop effective presentation, negotiation and marketing Skills, The center also provides 'Career Counselling and guidance for occupational preparedness. An effective English for Business Communication is also offered by the center.