WCTM salutes the women, their potential, and their achievements

Women percentage has been steadily increasing over the last several decades in the engineering industry, bringing a considerable number of skilled women to the engineering field. As more women pursue degrees and enter the sector, a lot is being done to support this. Recently WCTM, Best btech College in Gurgaonand Best engineering college in Delhi ncr, uploaded a post on National Women’s day , giving tribute to Sarojini Naidu and saluting her contributions to the nation. Happy National Women’s Day. Many females have historically and in today’s day contributed to the many fields of engineering.

Unlike other engineering colleges, WCTM , the Best btech College in Gurgaon and Best engineering college in Delhi NCR, truly believes that engineering is global and gender neutral . WCTM has an environment that surrounds you with both male and female engineering teachers and students, giving opportunities to all students on the basis of their calibre and determination and not on the basis of gender. We purely work on the notion of gearing up the youth of India. Irrespective of their age, gender, caste or creed. Every human stands and holds the right to equal chance and opportunity and we desire that we grow more Mary Andersons and Marie Curies for the world.

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